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The latest news and testimonials from p3 Surface Care.

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    Deep Clean

    Prior to any surface restoration treatment, organic and mineral stain removal is carried out using p3 Deep Clean in order to avoid working existing contaminants into the surface.

    Surface Restorer

    Prior to the application of p3 Protective Glaze, it is important to restore & renovate the surface by cleaning out the surface pores, removing swirl marks, holograms, oxidisation & minor scratches.

    Protective Glaze

    p3 Protective Glaze is designed to preserve and protect. It provides UV and IR protection without penetrating the surface, while maintaining a high gloss finish on either gelcoat or paint.

    Performance Shampoo

    Developed to preserve all surfaces treated with p3 Protective Glaze, when used on a regular basis, this shampoo will maintain and prolong the integrity of the protective coating.

  • Testimonials


    Dear Jason, I want to pass on my thanks for your help and advice, and also pass on my experience of the P3 surface care system we have used aboard Salperton.

    I first asked about extra protection after Salperton was repainted after dismasting in the Caribbean. I was advised of the different products on the market but the painting company certainly thought the P3 product was the better option. After you applied it to Salperton we launched and have been on the go ever since.

    On arriving in the Caribbean we all noted how the exhaust marks wiped off with a soft cloth as opposed to the usual soap and hot water treatment necessary and this continued all through the season. The owner was particularly impressed as he sees the racing photos of Salperton in the Regattas in the Caribbean and noticed that we did not have any exhaust marks.

    After a busy season in the Caribbean we returned to Palma and again wiped off the exhaust marks of 4500 miles with a soft cloth. Our only problem was the fact that the areas that were not originally covered with the P3 surface care were letting the boat down in the looks department, so we had to get those done too.

    I am delighted with the results and look forward to another exhaust mark free season in 2012.

    Thanks again and best regards

    David Evans, Captain Salperton