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The p3 process

The p3 Surface Care System provides the ideal solution to preservation, protection and performance. It has been developed using new and unique formulations comprising a non-damaging, high-performance range of products.

The p3 Surface Care System incorporates four separate elements that function together to produce a synergistic effect to ensure the ideal surface finish. The first three of these elements will be professionally applied whereas the fourth is an easy to use polymer-based rejuvenating shampoo which is available to crews and owners. Its regular use will ensure the surface is preserved and maintained to its newly restored finish.

  • 1. Deep Clean

    Prior to any surface restoration treatment, organic and mineral stain removal is carried out using p3 Deep Clean in order to avoid working existing contaminants into the surface.

  • 2. Surface Restorer

    Prior to the application of p3 Protective Glaze, it is important to restore & renovate the surface by cleaning out the surface pores, removing swirl marks, holograms, oxidisation & minor scratches.

  • 3. Protective Glaze

    p3 Protective Glaze is designed to preserve and protect. It provides UV and IR protection without penetrating the surface, while maintaining a high gloss finish on either gelcoat or paint.

  • 4. Performance Shampoo

    Developed to preserve all surfaces treated with p3 Protective Glaze, when used on a regular basis, this shampoo will maintain and prolong the integrity of the protective coating.