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About p3 Surface Care

The p3 Surface Care System has been developed specifically for the marine environment by a leading team of polymer chemists from the dental coatings industry taking a systematic and innovative approach to create a new product range for the superyacht industry.

Corrosive sea salt, sea air, pollution, engine exhaust and the constant bombardment of ultraviolet and infrared radiation can wreak havoc on the vulnerable and exposed areas of a boat above the waterline.

The p3 Surface Care System has been developed specifically for the marine environment. The goal was to produce a Surface Care System for all classes of boats and materials which would protect and preserve new coatings as well as restore those which had deteriorated through normal wear and tear.

As well as restoring surfaces, these unique products can protect new gelcoat and paint surfaces giving additional performance and an enhanced cosmetic appearance in terms of gloss retention and ease of cleaning, creating a better and longer-lasting shine.

Before the ideal product range could be developed it was important to understand how the surface finish can affect appearance, which in turn influences the perceived quality of a product to the observer.

Glossy Finish

DOI - p3 Surface Care

Many contributory factors affect this perception of quality. Gloss is one of the most important factors in the way a surface reflects light, which is a combination of specular light (which reflects directly off the top of the surface and remains mostly unchanged) and diffused light (which penetrates the surface and reflects from the underlying pigmentation).

Low Haze

Haze - p3 Surface Care

In addition to gloss it is also important to consider haze (which exhibits a milky/cloudy film on the surface affecting clarity) and Distinction of Image (the index which measures the clarity of an image reflected in a surface).

The p3 Surface Care System is designed to leave a 2 micron film thickness after complete application, enabling the operator to achieve a finish with a very low haze and thus enhance the gloss effect.

Taking all these indices into consideration, the development team created a first class system which can now be defined as the standard in protective coatings and surface care.